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Final Predictions

With Election Day less than one week away, it’s time to make final predictions for the outcome.  I’ve been reading articles and watching reports from across the spectrum (some of which I trust more than others).  I’ve come up with … Continue reading

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The First Tuesday after The First Monday in November

That’s the date mandated by Congress for presidential and congressional elections.  That means that Election Day can fall on a date between November 2 and November 8.  In most cases, Election Day will fall on the first Tuesday in November, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Improving Congress

Disclaimer:  I wrote this a few weeks ago as part of a competition sponsored by The Washington Post.  Over 1,400 people entered the contest, but only 10 finalists were selected.  I didn’t make the cut (top 0.7%), so I decided … Continue reading

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Hail State!

The Mississippi State Bulldogs defeated the then #22 Florida Gators in Gainesville this past Saturday.  The score was 10-7 and to top it all off, it was Florida’s homecoming.  I feel just a little bad that I enjoyed seeing the dejected faces … Continue reading

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Change You Can Believe In

This isn’t a campaign commercial for President Obama; I just wanted to bring your attention to a couple of changes.  You may have noticed that the site looks a little different than it did last week.  That’s because I wanted … Continue reading

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The Great Debates

With candidates across the country in full campaign mode, this is the part of election seasons where adversaries meet in debates.  Last week there were a number of congressional and gubernatorial debates around the country and this week will see … Continue reading

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Repeal the 17th Amendment?

Several Tea Party candidates across the country have taken positions in support of repealing the 17th Amendment.  That’s the one that allows for direct election of U.S. senators.  Before the amendment was ratified in 1913, senators were appointed by state … Continue reading

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