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Something to Think About

One common refrain that we’ve heard over the course of the campaign is that we need to restrain the government’s out-of-control spending.  However, few candidates or elected officials actually mention their specific plans to do so.  Those who do offer … Continue reading

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More on Nixon

Soon I’m going to start a series on quotes from our presidents and how their perspectives are often simple, powerful and timeless.  While seaching for some of these presidential proverbs to share, I came across this: “Richard Nixon is a no … Continue reading

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It’s the President’s Fault

But not this president’s or the last president’s…it is President Richard Nixon’s fault.  According to Gallup, confidence in key institutions is at all time low levels, especially for Congress.  I believe that much of the mistrust we harbor for our … Continue reading

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Would You Like Some Tea?

A recent USA Today/Gallup poll found that 58% of Americans believe that a third major political party is needed in this country.  That is the highest percentage since 2003 (40%).  The exact question that Gallup asked was “In your view, … Continue reading

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The Dying Art of Compromise

Compromise is a funny word; it can be both positive and negative.  As a verb, Webster defines it as “coming to agreement by mutual concession,” but it is also defined as “causing the impairment of” some thing.  The former definition … Continue reading

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