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I Easily Survived Six Rounds with That Ugly Bear

These are a few of the words that escaped the mouth of Muhammad Ali after winning a bout with Sonny Liston.  While they weren’t in a boxing match, the Mississippi State football team can relate.  They easily survived four quarters … Continue reading

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Veterans Day

November 11th is Veterans Day, but it wasn’t always so.  Originally this day was called Armistice Day.  Contrary to popular belief, Armistice Day was not the date that World War I ended.  “The Great War,” as it was called then … Continue reading

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Buddies, Birthdays and a Boat Ride

This past Friday was my birthday!  To celebrate, my wife and I travelled to the northern part of the state to visit two of our good friends (we were in their wedding, then they were in ours about a month … Continue reading

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The Results We Know

Election Day 2010 has come and gone.  Here’s what we know now: The GOP won control of the House of Representatives.  All of the races have not been called, but Republicans have gained at least 61 seats and the House … Continue reading

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Be Heard, Go Vote!

Today is Election Day.  If you know your issues and have decided on your candidates, go to your polling location and vote (if you haven’t already).  Voting is one of the ways that we can have our voices heard and … Continue reading

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