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Thoughts on Improving Congress

Disclaimer:  I wrote this a few weeks ago as part of a competition sponsored by The Washington Post.  Over 1,400 people entered the contest, but only 10 finalists were selected.  I didn’t make the cut (top 0.7%), so I decided … Continue reading

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It’s the President’s Fault

But not this president’s or the last president’s…it is President Richard Nixon’s fault.  According to Gallup, confidence in key institutions is at all time low levels, especially for Congress.  I believe that much of the mistrust we harbor for our … Continue reading

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A Drop in The Bucket

On Labor Day, President Barack Obama called on Congress to pass $50 billion in spending on U.S. infrastructure.  According to the White House, the plan seeks to “expand and renew our nation’s roads, railways and runways” over the next 5-6 … Continue reading

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The Final Stretch

I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend.  I did; my wife and I travelled to Mississippi State and our beloved Bulldogs defeated the Memphis Tigers 49-7!  It was made better because we got to visit with friends … Continue reading

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The Gray Congress: Old Age and Term Limits

With the passing of sitting Senator Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia last month at age 92, the topics of our aged Congress and term limits came up.  Is our current Congress too old?  If so, do we need to … Continue reading

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Midway to the Midterms

2010 is the year for midterm elections (i.e. held in the middle of the president’s term). Primary season began in earnest in February, when the voting began. We are now midway to the elections which are scheduled for November 2. … Continue reading

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