Tax Day Humor

April 15th is usually tax filing day, but this year due to a holiday in the capital city, it’s Monday, April 18th.  While I could probably write many thoughtful posts about taxes, I’m not going to focus on any serious info in this post.  As the title implies, this is gonna be fun!

Cee-Lo Green has a pop song called Forget You (That’s the radio edit name; you can use your imagination to think of a short “F” word to replace “Forget”).  In it, the singer sees a girl he loved riding around town with another guy who has more money; even though he’s hurt, he moves on telling her “forget you.”  It’s a feel good, move on song.  This week I heard a parody about tax time on a local radio station called Tax You.  It’s set to the same music, and to me it was hilarious.  Here’s the video.  I hope you enjoy!

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