Hello, Goodbye

As New Year’s Day approaches, we are all preparing to say hello to 2011 and goodbye to 2010. January marks the beginning of our next year, but it hasn’t always. Throughout history, vast swaths of land and peoples have been governed by different empires and customs; therefore, we have not always started our years at the same times. When we look at Western culture, usually, all proverbial roads lead to Rome. The English names for the months are no exception. January’s name comes from Roman mythology, derived from the name for the Roman god of doors/gateways, Ianuarius (or Janus). This name was drawn from the Latin word for door, which is “ianua.” From Janus, we get January. Janus was known for having two faces, one to look forward outside of the door/gateway and one to look back into the door/gateway. Because January is the gateway month to new years, it is the one that we use to look back on the year that was, and forward to the year to come.

So what happened in 2010? So much more than I could put in this post, but I’ll hit on some of the big things that happened here in the US and around the world. Time seems to fly by so fast that I’m sure you’re going to say “That was this year?” a couple of times. Here we go:

As we enter 2011, I have no doubt that it too will be filled with highs and lows and marked by many noteworthy events. I am hopeful that our leaders will work together to do good things for our country and that economic conditions will improve. I’m looking forward to the upcoming presidential election cycle and the political intrigue that will inevitably take place. I’m also excited about the celebrations and memories that will be enjoyed with my family and friends. I encourage you to reflect on 2010 and think about the year ahead. 2011 provides a fresh start and we all have a chance to make it a good year. Thanks for reading this year and please come back. Have a safe New Year’s Eve and Happy New Year! Join the Discourse!

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