The Results We Know

Election Day 2010 has come and gone.  Here’s what we know now:

  1. The GOP won control of the House of Representatives.  All of the races have not been called, but Republicans have gained at least 61 seats and the House will probably be 244 R  191 D.
  2. The Dems will retain control of the Senate.  Results from Washington and Alaska are forthcoming, but the likely result will be 53 D  47 R, which will mean Republicans will have gained 6 seats.
  3. Currently, Republicans have flipped control of 10 governorships, the Democrats have flipped 1, and Independent candidate has flipped 1.  Five races are too close to call (Dems lead in 4, GOP leads 1).

You can compare the results with my pre-election predictions by clicking here.

So what’s this mean?  Well, next year we will have a divided government (meaning different parties control the White House and one or both houses of Congress); this is not unusual.  We have had divided government for 38 of the last 64 years.  Also, it is widely believed that Congress will be more conservative.  However, since Tuesday night, both parties have signaled a willingness to work together during the 112th Congress.  Perhaps they will compromise and collaborate to solve some of our major problems since both parties now have some level of control and will have to share the responsibility for governing.  Unfortunately for us, the window for this to take place is small.  Even Tuesday night, several pundits began speculating about the landscape for the 2012 elections (I love election cycles and campaigns.  But can’t the press simply report what is happening instead of trying to drive the narrative?). 

Next year, those considering a run for the Republican nomination will begin thinking seriously about it.  They will stake out policy positions and travel around the country to raise money and build support.  I’ll be setting up a section profiling those who I think are 2012 contenders, but it won’t come until sometime next year.  In the meantime, we will see how the new Republican-controlled House will work with the Democrat-controlled Senate and White House.  What do you think about the election results?  What do you think are the important issues that should be on the agenda for the 112th Congress?  Join the Discourse!

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