Voting Information

As you know by now, Election Day is less than a month away.  If you are registered to vote and plan to do so, you need to be able to make informed decisions.  Today I ran across the website, Project Vote Smart, which has the goal of providing what it calls the most crucial component to self-governance:  “access to abundant, accurate and relevant information.”  The site provides information about all candidates running for federal office, including biographical info, voting records (if applicable), issue positions (either official or inferred), public statements and campaign finance info.

If you already know your candidates and you want to research their records on specific issues, you can.  If you’ve gotten busy with your “regular life” and don’t know who your candidates are, they have a feature that’s just for you.  It’s called VoteEasy and when you choose your state (and congressional district if you put in your zip code), issue positions and issue importance level, the program shows you which candidates are most like you (they get a percentage).  By clicking on the candidates, you can research the info mentioned above.  Visit the website, look around and try some stuff out.  I liked the site, you may or you may not.  Let me know when you join the Discourse!

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1 Response to Voting Information

  1. MB says:

    Very good website…I enjoyed how it allowed me to input my position on issues and how it identified the candidate that best fits my position. Thanks

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