Where It All Began: Philadelphia

Two weeks ago, my wife and I arrived in Philadelphia, PA from our home in central Mississippi. For the next four days we toured a modern multicultural metropolis that’s dappled with historical sites and drenched in American history. There are “must sees” like the Liberty Bell, Independence (Hall) National Historical Park and Betsy Ross House. You’d enjoy these and other venues of national importance even if you aren’t a history buff.

Philadelphia gets its place in history due, in part, to its place physically. During the Revolutionary and Early Constitutional periods, Pennsylvania was centrally located in the colonies (later, states). It was also the largest city in America at the time, so that’s where the action happened. It was truly amazing to walk in the footsteps of our country’s founding fathers. To see the places where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written, debated and signed (All behind closed doors, away from the public eye, I might add; there was no Freedom of Information Act back then, and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing! But I digress…) was truly inspiring. The city also served as America’s second federal capital from 1790 through 1800 (New York City was the first), so Congress, the Supreme Court and President Washington all worked there. Because of this, Philadelphia is also the location of the first peaceful transfer of political power in modern times.

However, if you have an aversion to history that you just can’t overcome, there is other stuff to do, from the sights, sounds and smells of Reading Terminal Market (think farmers market meets flea market meets Mom and Pop food court), the Museum of Art (where Rocky trained on the steps) or the Franklin Institute (honoring Philly’s favored son, Benjamin Franklin), enjoying a relaxing park experience in the city’s center with a carousel and Philly-themed mini golf at Franklin Square to a trip down to Chinatown! If you’re looking for authentic ethnic food, this is your place too; being the sixth largest city in the U.S. comes with lots of immigration and the stuff of the “old countries.” But be sure not to leave without trying an authentic Philly cheesesteak too!

My wife and I checked out way more than the things mentioned and there was still a lot that we did not get to. We truly enjoyed the trip and would recommend Philadelphia as a nice getaway!

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